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HXHT organized a clean-up activity in the Wutong Mountain


Wutong Mountain is a symbol of Shenzhen, the vegetation which covered mountains is indispensable to purify the air. As the first peak of Shenzhen, Wutong Mountain also attracts numerous people who love mountaineering. With the increase of human's activities, it brings more and more rubbish,and has an impact on the natural environment. The volunteers of HuaXiaHengTai Electronics Co., Ltd. organized a clean-up activity in the Wutong Mountain at the weekend. As the climbers increase,the people who joined us more and more.We all believe that with our action of protecting the environment, our city will be more beautiful.


Ready to go


At the foot of the Wutong Mountain


On the road


Cleaning  up the garbage


 The garbage is no place to hide


Our team


On the top of  Wutong Mountain



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